Yaw Dabo Finally Explain The Reason Why He Snatched Akete Mpeninsem From Beyou

Yaw Dabo Finally Explain The Reason Why He Snatched Akete Mpeninsem From Beyou

Yaw has dropped a bombshell in the industry by explaining to Ghanaians the reason why Akete Mpeninsem is with him instead of Beyou.

Akete Mpeninsem came to the limelight when she started a comedy with Beyou and did more than the expectations of Beyou and his fans across all the social media platforms.

She was hailed and got a lot of support for the good things she’s been doing because none expected such a young child to be doing this kinds of creativity in comedy.
Suddenly, there was a misunderstanding between her mother and Beyou over insufficient money she receive even after making all the hard works in the comedy.

Many Ghanaians believe that, she is so young to get much payment and even Beyou is rather making her popular.

With all these citations from the fans, the mother decided to take away her daughter from Beyou comedy.

Initially her reason was that the comedy was hindering the child’s education so she’s taking her away to make sure that Akete Mpeninsem is going to school.

Suddenly a new comedy dropped and Akete Mpeninsem was featured and this got Ghanaians reacting.
It lately got to the fans that, one of the most talented and renowned actor, Yaw Dabo was the reason behind this there he snatched Akete Mpeninsem from Beyou.

When this message to got to yaw Dabo, he decided to explain what really happened. Watch the video below.



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