Poultry Farming Collapsing In Dormaa Due To High Prices Of Poultry Feeds

Poultry Farming Collapsing In Dormaa Due To High Prices Of Poultry Feeds

The main Job in Dormaa is poultry Farming. Just recently, the Farmers reported that, their job is declining due to how high the prices of the feeds has risen to. Thetimesgh reports.

They said the significant expense of poultry feed had thusly prompted the popularity of maize, in this manner, expanding maize costs too.

In a meeting with The Times Ghana Headline(TTGH) at Dormaa-Ahenkro, the poultry farmers said increase in the poultry channel was because of expenses, and engaged the public authority for cost appropriation.

The Poultry farm was on the verge of collapsing due these factors that are causing the Farmers. Said the Chairman of Poultry farm association of Dormaa-Ahenkro.

The GNA which is a news reporting site as #Thetimesgh, did assembled a ton of feeds for the Farmers, which cost GH¢1,650.00 approximately couple of months prior, is currently selling over GH¢3000, while 50 kilogram of maize which used to sell somewhere in the range of GH¢60.00 and GH¢80.00 is selling at GH¢120.00.

Mr Kusi spoke to the public authority to likewise empower poultry and maize farmers to take part in business creation of maize.

“A significant number of us have chosen to sell our birds and adventure into various organizations since we are losing money”, Mr Samuel Sarfo, one more poultry rancher at Dormaa-Ahenkro told the (TTGH), adding, “the expense of creation is incredibly higher than what they and everybody are expecting.

In the interim, Mr Drissa Quattara, the Dormaa Central Municipal Chief Executive has encouraged the poultry farmers in the region to be patient, as the public authority worked out modalities to address their interests.

Mr Quattara said the COVID-19 pandemic tremendously affected the worldwide economy, saying, the public authority was doing all that could be within reach to settle the nearby economy.

He said the Assembly had breast fed and conveyed 270, 000 cashew seedlings to farmers under the Planting for Export and Rural Development (PERD) program adding amounts of cocoa seed had been provided to cocoa farmers too.

Under the One-District-One Factory (1D1F), Mr Ouattara said the public authority has upheld private engineers to set up a case processing plant at Korang for capacity of eggs just as a grill manufacturing plant at Nanasuano in the Dormaa East District.

He focused on the public authority’s obligation to further develop street organizations, power expansion to denied networks just as water supply to improve agribusiness.

Mr Quattara encouraged farmers to shape gatherings to empower them to effortlessly get to monetary help and furthermore liaise with Agriculture Extension Agents to be acquainted with new innovations to improve and extend their homestead work.

He guaranteed the get together would guarantee evenhanded dispersion of advancement projects in the district, and requested that individuals settle their charges and rates for the gathering to create the necessary assets required for improvement.



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