Money is really a King, that is why I keep singing about it

Money is really a King, that is why I keep singing about it

The above quote is from the King of Melodies and Money hitmaker, Kweku Flick communicating his faithful long for money on The ONE Show with Tilly Akua Nipaa.

As per the youthful artist whose significant hit melodies rotates around the longing to bring in money and carry on with a decent life, the youthful champ accepts that money answers all and there isn’t anything money can’t do.

“So I have Money and I have God, He gives life and money does everything so with the two, I am cool, in each tune I ensure I notice God’s name and money”.

The Bye Hitmaker additionally clarifies accomplishment as being genuine and having God. Focusing on that without God he would not be fruitful “without God I can’t compose, assuming I don’t supplicate I can’t compose melodies, I can’t do music”.

In spite of the thought that his beloved topic, Money, may confine him innovatively, the youthful lyricist says that “it’s essential for innovativeness so it’s cool, there are such countless artists in Ghana however I represent money so when you hear money you consider Kweku Flick and that is cool and money will never pass and that implies I won’t ever be a relic of times gone by.”.

Likewise, there is by all accounts a solid music wave in Kumasi where the vast majority of the artists in Kumasi generally highlight each other in the locale and are somewhat hesitant to include others from Accra. Responding to that Kweku flick said

Thinking back on UK based media, Noisey flying right to his home in Kumasi for a narrative, on his music life, Kweku Flick expressed that “It implies a great deal to me and it has additionally roused me to strive to accomplish more, enormous whoop to Noisey”.

In rewarding his local area, Kweku Flick has uncovered that he’s begun a CSR for his school where he’s giving books and garbs to his grade school. He’s additionally assisting with the shapeup of the comprehension of music in certain schools in his area.

At long last, Kweku Flick talks on his most recent single, Attack that highlights productive Rapper, Strongman and what the melody involves. Partake in the discussion between Tilly Akua Nipaa and Kweku Flick on The One Show.



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