Kenyan man cuts off wife’s hand because she wasn’t home to cook

Kenyan man cuts off wife’s hand because she wasn’t home to cook

At the point when 50-year-old Maria Rioba Musa left her home for a burial service in January, she never envisioned that she would return to a rankled spouse who might violently go after her.

Musa, from Migori County in Tarang’anya town, Kenya went to the memorial service of a relative and remained for three days. At the point when she got back, her better half, Musa Matiko utilized a panga – a blade – and requested to know why she took such a long time to get back, leaving him without a cook. He then continued to cleave her left hand off, reports nearby media.

Matiko likewise tossed a lance at Musa’s stomach, slice her brow and endeavored to remove her right hand however was ineffective, the report added.

At the point when I returned home he asked me who I believed should cook for him on the three days I was away. Beforehand when we battled he would try and pound me with a bar, yet on that day he beat me up with a panga,” the casualty reviewed.

“I left for a memorial service on Monday at one of our in-regulation’s estate, we thought the entombment was to occur on that day however it deferred until Wednesday. That was the reason for the issue … When I returned home on Thursday I arranged dinner however when my significant other returned home he began going after me,” she added.

The couple’s girl, Catherine Musa, expressed that Musa has been the family’s provider raising her alongside her eight extra kin.

Musa got treatment and medical procedure at St. Joseph Omboo Mission Hospital; she additionally apparently requested that charges be brought against her significant other.

Migori Police Commander Joseph Nthenge affirmed that despite the fact that Musa hadn’t logged a conventional objection, the police division would seek after criminal allegations against Matiko.

After the episode, Matiko was supposed to be at large.

There are no reports delivered that affirmed assuming Matiko was found and charged for his wrongdoing. Matiko appeared to not add to the family.



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