I have problem with Kwesi Pee for refusing to defend me that I don’t do Sakawa — Criss Waddle

I have problem with Kwesi Pee for refusing to defend me that I don't do Sakawa — Criss Waddle

Ghanaian hip-jump recording artist Kweku Addai referred to in showbiz as Criss Waddle has deplored that he disapproves of his senior sibling Kwesi Pee for declining to safeguard him on “Sakawa” and misrepresentation tag against him.

Talking in a meeting with Oheemaa Woyeje on Angel FM, checked by Attractive Mustapha Criss Waddle uncovered that he used to have a decent connection with Kwesi Pee and furthermore examine his private issue thoughts with him.

He anyway referenced that their relationship became acrid after Kwesi Pee conceded a meeting and expressed that he doesn’t actually realize Criss Waddle’s type of revenue when he was asked by the questioner.

”We are OK however not having the best relationship, all was great until his new meeting where he said he doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the business I’m into, so when you get a stage and you will not guard me I keep thinking about whether you are a sibling or a companion”.

The AMG supervisor made sense of that he has been a finance manager beginning around 2016 when he considered adding earnestness to different organizations to the side music.

He added that the road is the venturing stone to a higher level so anything that anybody makes at the road one ought to figure out how to put resources into different organizations for what’s in store.

”Drug was never essential for what I was doing in the city and in the wake of earning substantial sums of money on the road I chose to put resources into land and importation so that is my specialty.

”I watch individuals commit errors and gain from them and on social media, I gain from the people who have accomplished from land and importations and furthermore have age-mates who have thoughts however don’t have cash so I paid attention to them alot,” he expressed.



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