Dad publicly embarrasses SHS son for taking his girlfriend out in his car

A dad plummeted heartlessly on his high school child who took out his vehicle without consent.

As per reports, the kid took out his sweetheart Juliana in his dad’s vehicle to an occasion.

He did that in a bid to dazzle the young lady Juliana and compliment his companions.

Per the arrangement, after his dad has gone out, the kid got the vehicle, went to his sweetheart’s area and got her ready.

Then, at that point, he drove the young lady to the occasion.

No sooner had she left with the young lady in his dad’s vehicle than his dad got back to the house.

After seeing that his vehicle was mysteriously gone, he stopped an objection with the police.

Notwithstanding, he was before long tipped that his secondary school child was out with his vehicle and had done as such to intrigue his better half.

The troubled dad headed to the area, defied the kid and gave him two hot slaps before he could say jack!

Juliana has additionally responded by expressing that she had no earlier information on the kid’s choice to take his dad’s vehicle without consent.

Watch The Video Below

The occasion was Lost Grounds which was coordinated on September 30. It needed to reach an unexpected conclusion.



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