Couple capture Witch flying outside their home at night

Couple capture Witch flying outside their home at night

A terrifying video existing apart from everything else a Nigerian couple caught a unidentified item floating over their compound around evening time has sent chills down the spine of the web.

The courageous man shot the occurrence around 3 am from the window of his room sitting above his compound subsequent to hearing frightening clamors exuding from outside.

In the moving video, the item expected to be a witch or a phantom should have been visible drifting over an unsteady van stopped on the compound.

The man then awakened his significant other to likewise come and catch a brief look at the item prowling in the murkiness.

At a certain point in the recording, the frightening figure charged at the couple like it wasn’t satisfied with them shooting it and needed to hurt them, convincing them to hurry to somewhere safe.

The terrible video has stirred up blended responses online as a segment of web clients couldn’t accept the obvious reality.

While the couple put their lives in extreme danger to assemble evidence of what might have been viewed as a tall tale whenever described by mouth, some really accept the video is a trick.

What you make from this video is at your caution as GHPage can’t confirm the case of a witch being caught in the recording.



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