5 Greatest Premier League Rivalries of All Time

5 Greatest Premier League Rivalry of All Time

In a most recent study did by Sky Sports, fanatics of various clubs across England decided in favor of the club rivalry that they believe is the best of all time. This is the way the democratic went.

Arsenal Vs Manchester United – The rivalry among Arsenal and Manchester United was positioned as the fifth Greatest Premier League Rivalry by the study. It got just 9% of the complete votes.
Arsenal versus Tottenham – Arsenal versus Tottenham is likewise one more enormous rivalry in England. Be that as it may, it could figure out how to pull 10% of the votes cast by fans.

Everton versus Liverpool – The unbelievable rivalry between Liverpool Football Club and Everton is positioned in third spot in this overview.

Manchester United versus Manchester City – 18% of the fans who took part in this study accept that the Manchester City Derby is the second most noteworthy Premier League Rivalry.

Liverpool versus Manchester United – Majority of the fans that casted a ballot in this study accepted that the rivalry that exists among Liverpool and Manchester United is the best in the Premier League.

Here is an outline of the study beneath:



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