5 Ghanaian millionaires and how they made their money

5 Ghanaian millionaires and how they made their money

On the off chance that you are searching for inspiration to turn into a tycoon, these Ghanaian moguls have a story that can motivate and direct you to become effective.

These are rich Ghanaians known to be tycoons in the interim less is have some familiarity with their excursion to becoming what they are today.

To answer the interest of the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea, Pulse.com.gh presents to you ten Ghanaian tycoons and how they brought in their cash.

1.Dr Osei Kwame Despite

Osei Kwame Despite is a Ghanaian business person and a donor. He possesses Despite Firm Ltd, an exchanging organization with an auxiliary the media business known as Despite Media.

Notwithstanding is known to have begun bringing in cash from his tape selling business. Before the times of CDs, the money manager was a merchant of Ghanaian movies. His joint in Accra’s Opera Square was the most smoking joint to get any most recent Ghanaian film.
The Ghanaian tycoon isn’t on record to have conceded any media interview to discuss his obtaining of riches. Nonetheless, it is said that his tape selling business thrived and he put resources into different organizations that made him millions.

2.Ibrahim Mahama

Ibrahim Mahama is the pioneer behind Engineers and Planners, which is viewed as the biggest native claimed mining organization in West Africa. This is sufficient to say that the Ghanaian business tycoon obtained a lump of his abundance from mining.

Mr Mahama is the child of Emmanuel Adama Mahama, a rich lawmaker who filled in as a Minister in Nkrumah’s administration.
He is additionally the lesser sibling of Ex-President Mahama. Ibrahim Mahama educated in London and worked for a property improvement organization prior to moving to Ghana to put resources into mining and development. He possesses a few different organizations in Ghana including Dzata Cement Limited.

3.Kennedy Agyapong

Kennedy Agyapong is perhaps of the most extravagant Ghanaian legislator. The Ghanaian money manager who lived in the United States made millions preceding wandering into Ghanaian governmental issues. Kennedy Agyapong frequently shares his blunder asking stories. As per him, he came from an unfortunate home and attempted to prevail throughout everyday life.

Uncovering how he made his initial million, the MP said he exploited the US Visa Lottery program when it was presented in Ghana interestingly.

“I raked in some serious cash. We did around 2,500 applications and everyone paid $2,500. I did all the documentation and my chief, since he is a legal counselor, will proceed to introduce the reports at the movement [office]. Out of the $2,500, my manager will get $700 and I will get the rest and utilize some for the documentation. So when we got done, I had raked in tons of cash.”

“At the point when individuals don’t have a clue about your experience and they believe that you are a street pharmacist, it is so excruciating. To the additional opportunity of my cash… A great deal of Ghanaians had scored the US sweepstakes and they didn’t have the foggiest idea how to handle it so I returned to America and this time another chief, Lawyer Fofie, I went there and let him know that I have an association in Ghana… He was keen on the money not too far off.

“That is another ‘cocaine’. Around then, I was charging $5,000 each. Also, in 1996, September 30, that was the last day of the US lottery, after that program, I checked my record, what I have saved and I had $1,145,000. I felt better,” the MP added.

4.Togbe Afede XIV

Togbe Afede XIV is the Agbogbomefia of the Asogli State.The well-off Ghanaian boss began life as a bookkeeper after his most memorable degree from the University of Ghana prior to encouraging his schooling in the esteemed Yale University in the U.S.

Togbe is accepted to have begun bringing in cash from great paying position and savvy ventures. He is the leader administrator of World Trade Center Accra and was casted a ballot individual from the Board of Directors of the World Trade Center in 2015.

As a money manager, he established SAS Finance Group Ltd, comprising Strategic African Securities Ltd, a stock business and corporate money warning firm, and SAS Investment Management Ltd, a resource the board firm.

He likewise established Strategic Initiatives Ltd (SIL) a portfolio and confidential value trading company and helped to establish Sunon Asogli Power Ghana Ltd, Databank Financial Services and Africa World Airlines Ltd.

5.Freedom Jacob Ceaser

Nana Kwame Bediako, otherwise called Freedom Jacob Caesar, is a business person, industrialist, land magnate and Philanthropy. Opportunity Jacob Ceaser is one of the Ghanaian moguls who knows how to get individuals discussing his rich way of life.

His child, Goody Bediako, pulled in buzz half a month prior after he wore a $300,000 Richard Mille wristwatch to his GIS prom.

Discussing how one significant way he gained riches, Freedom unveiled that he made 1,000,000 pounds at age 21 by elling scraps and correspondence materials.. “By age 21, he had made 1,000,000 pounds for himself, selling scrap, steel, and broadcast communications material while in school at Waltham Forest College,” a tweet by Joy FM’s cited him to have said.

Opportunity, who claims a 7 million dollar house in California, further uncovered that he had the option to bear the cost of a vehicle, and cell phone and began his business only three weeks into his school.



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